Bike to Work Week Results!

Evanston residents and businesses competed with the rest of Chicagoland during Bike to Work Week, June 13-20.  The purpose of the event was to improve health, reduce pollution and emissions, and save money.  Businesses and organizations competed to have the most bikers travelling the most total miles to work during that week.

Several Evanston institutions and businesses had strong showings, including:  Lemoi Ace Hardware, Evanston Public Library, Rotary International, Northwestern University, and City of Evanston.

Northwestern University won the entire competition, with 297 riders logging 906.5 trips for a distance of 9793.96 miles!

Evanston bikers gathered in Fountain Square for a Pit Stop event on June 17th that included free bike tune-ups, protein bars, and water bottles.  Bike to Work Week participants also congregated at Bat 17 Brewery on June 19th to enjoy discounted food and drinks.

In total, Chicagolanders biked 151,960 miles, saving 148,920 pounds of CO2 and burning 7,446,042 calories, far exceeding results from 2013.

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