Compost, Bulk Trash Pick-Ups and Fall(ing) Leaves

Summer is coming to an end and that means leaves are beginning to fall and the last of summer cleaning is coming to a close. Not to worry there are plenty of options to deal with those falling leaves, food scraps and other decomposing organic material.


Are you a backyard composter? Vermicomposter? Looking for a compost hauler? Whether you are an amateur or veteran composter the City has composting resources for you as the seasons change.

  • If your backyard bin/barrel/vessel is full of rich compost find a neglected part of your yard and apply it or store it until the spring when it can be applied. Either way you will want to make room for the fall leaves that have begun to blanket your lawn and yard.
  • The City of Evanston will also deliver one 95-gallon compost roller that households can use to begin or complement a backyard composting system (note: this is not a curbside composting service). For information call 311 or visit the City’s Composting page.
  • Composting in the cold months can be a true challenge but options are available. If you want to continue to collect food scraps and coffee grounds definitely look into vermicomposting which is a great winter composting option.
  • Currently there is also a local compost hauling business that services much of Evanston and into Chicago. Click here for their information.
  • The City of Evanston has also begun the process of renegotiating its solid waste hauling franchise and is considering what compost hauling options are available for the City to take advantage of. Please stay tuned for updated information.

For more information please visit the City of Evanston’s Food Waste webpage.

Bulk Trash Pick-Up and Leaf Pick-Up

The City of Evanston has a few services to help make the change of season easy for you and your family. Don’t forget about the Bulk Trash Days just around the bend in October. A schedule can be found below or by visiting the City’s website.

Fall 2014 Bulk Trash Pick-Up:

If your normal refuse pickup day is:

Your bulk trash pickup is:


Friday, Oct. 3


Friday, Oct. 10


Friday, Oct. 17


Friday, Oct. 24

The City also provides guidelines for how to dispose of your raked leaves. In order to dispose properly of yard waste residents can purchase a City 95-gallon Yard Waste Cart, buy 30-gallon yard waste bags and Yard Waste Stickers and place yard waste in those bags or request a compost bin from the City of Evanston. For details on each program please visit the City’s website.

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