Evanston Bike Share

As you all may already know from our previous post, the City of Evanston has been pursuing grants to expand the Chicago Divvy Bike Share program here.  Typical of Evanston, the city is taking the initiative and leading the charge in adapting to new sustainable programs.  Expanding into a regional bike share program is a unique move that hopefully will set a standard for other areas to try and meet.

While we’re still waiting to hear back on specific grants, we’d like to introduce our new Evanston Bike Share page! Any questions that one may have about the bike share program because they’re uncertain about it or are just curious should come here first to get an idea of how things will be.  If, after reading this page, there are still any questions or comments, one should get in touch with the City of Evanston and vocalize those thoughts as soon as possible.  It’s only through working with the community that we can make this program be successful.

Speaking of community contribution, remember to suggest different places and support locations that have already been suggested at the Divvy feedback site. This program is for the people of Evanston and can only make them happy if they are the ones taking part in it.

This has been an exciting venture so far and we hope it continues to be in the future to come.



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