Recycle Your Cartons!!!

The Carton Council, a national coalition of carton manufacturers, has chosen Evanston as a target community to provide educational and outreach information about the recyclability of paper food cartons. These cartons (think milk, juice, soup broth containers) ARE recyclable in Evanston’s curbside recycling program. Many residents think that they are not recyclable and so the Carton Council has launched campaigns in community’s around the nation to help communities understand the value of recycling those cartons.

The Carton Council will send out information via social media, utility bills, newspaper and other outlets to spread the word about the ability to recycle these cartons. Their campaign, which kicked off on September 15th will run through November 15th. The City of Evanston has partnered with the Carton Council to help distribute and support this much needed campaign. We hope you will take a moment next time you finish your carton of milk or juice and place that valuable paper into the recycling bin!


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