Low-Carbon Transportation Alternatives Meeting a Success!

SusEv3On Saturday, January 25th environmentally-minded Evanston residents gathered for a morning of brainstorming and strategizing for Evanston’s transportation future. Among the participants were students from ETHS and Northwestern, representatives from local and national environmental groups, members of Evanston business community and other community members. Before breaking out into three discussion groups, the 35+ attendees were updated on Evanston’s progress towards its 2016 Climate Action Goal, and viewed a presentation on Low-Carbon Mobility Opportunities. Following the presentations, attendees broke into three groups to discuss strategies for pedestrian improvements, shared mobility, and a healthier community. Ideas were recorded and shared when the groups reconvened after about an hour of brainstorming. Below you will find PDF files of the presentations given in the beginning of the meeting, as well as notes from the three breakout groups. If you’re interested in participating, feel free to join our google groups where you can see updates and communicate with other participants.

2016 Climate Action Goal Presentation 

Low Carbon Mobility Presentation

Healthy Evanston Breakout Notes

Pedestrian Improvements Breakout Notes

Shared Mobility Breakout Notes

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