Managing Stormwater/Protecting Lake Michigan: Determining The Future Now

The League of Women Voters presents:

Managing Stormwater/Protecting Lake Michigan: Determining the Future NOW

Severe storms in recent years have seriously impacted our local communities, prompting new strategies for managing stormwater disposal. The methods, means and approaches vary and are often complex, especially when they involve our major natural resource, Lake Michigan, upon which so many of us rely for our drinking water and recreation.

A highly regarded group of expert speakers will discuss these timely issues. They will provide a brief review of the current state of Lake Michigan, and discuss new approaches to help detain and dispose of the large volumes of water we increasingly experience with intense storms. Management plans for stormwater disposal depend on the terrain and infrastructure of individual communities, but there are lessons to be learned and ideas to explore to help avoid damaging flooding for all of our communities. Come, listen to what the experts suggest are best practices and hear the current role federal, state and local governments play. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers from those in the audience. The program will be moderated by former member of the general assembly, Beth Coulson.

WHAT: Managing Stormwater/Protecting Lake Michigan
Determining the Future Now – A community Forum

WHEN: Tuesday, October 21
6:30 to 7 pm information tables (lobby)
7:00 to 9 pm Speakers and Q & A (auditorium)

WHERE: Cornog Auditorium, New Trier (West) High School – 7 Happ Road, Northfield, IL

SPEAKERS/ J. David Rankin, Program Director, Great Lakes Protection Fund

TOPICS: Lake Michigan in Perspective

Jon Grosshans, Community Planner, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Green Stormwater Tools

Joe Kenney, Community Development Director, Village of Glenview
Glenview Stormwater Taskforce: Matching Tools and Problems

Joe Johnson, Principal Project Manager, MWH Global, Winnetka Consultant
Winnetka Stormwater Management Plan

Marcia Willhite, Bureau of Water, Chief, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Stormwater Discharge Process for Permits and Public Comment

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