The City of Evanston Needs Your Help to Start the Evanston Bike Share Program

The City of Evanston has been a leader in sustainability initiatives since 2006 by encouraging sustainable habits in its citizens and leading the charge in adapting to new sustainable programs.  It is in this spirit that the City of Evanston is applying for the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program grant in order to start up Evanston Bike Share.

This grant would expand the Chicago Divvy Bike Share program into Evanston and create a regional network for an alternative mode of transportation that is accessible to Evanston residents.  The Chicagoland area has embraced the Divvy bicycle sharing program with Evanston residents playing a significant role in that; more than 60 Evanston residents are now annual Divvy members and over 100 Evanston residents have used Divvy as casual riders. 

The Divvy bicycle sharing program is enhancing public health, contributing to local economies, supporting tourism and increasing mobility using a sustainable transportation strategy. Bicycle sharing programs also have environmental benefits like reducing tailpipe emissions.  A typical shared bicycle is ridden 4-6 times per day for approximately 1.5 miles per trip.  This equates to a reduction of 6 to 9 miles per day per bicycle in vehicle miles traveled (VMT). In Evanston, this would translate to avoiding 175,000 miles for the first year of Divvy’s expansion to Evanston.   

Anyone interested in contributing to this effort can help by suggesting different sites where they feel these Divvy stations would be of the most use for Evanston residents.  While we are in this preliminary phase this would be the best way to help us out so that once we receive a grant we can get the project rolling right away.

We hope you’re as excited hearing about the Evanston Bike Share program as we are about putting it together because we cannot do it without you!


The City of Evanston Needs Your Help to Start the Evanston Bike Share Program — 1 Comment

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