Tree Care Tips

Have you seen these four great tips to help improve the health and well-being of trees around the community? The Division of Forestry has created a simple guide to help explain the importance of these simple yet important acts that keep trees healthy. Click here for the guide or check out an abbreviated version below.

Tip #1: Trees are not bike posts

Locking bikes, or other things, to trees can easily damage the bark of a tree which trees use to transport nutrients and water up to higher limbs and to grown taller and strong.

Tip #2: Trees need water

If its been over a week since a good rain storm take a bucket and water your trees. Trees like between 40 gallons of water a week (that’s almost a full rain barrel). Think about using water from a rain barrel or setting buckets outside during a storm to conserve water.

Tip #3: Save a tree kill a volcano

Mulch can provide great benefits for your tree if applied correctly but can also be detrimental if done incorrectly. See our guide for correct mulch applying techniques. Generally speaking leave 2-4 inches between the mulch and the trunk of the tree. Also avoid placing more than 2-4 inches of mulch around the tree. Too much mulch is expensive, unnecessary and can prevent water from filtering to the roots!

Tip #4: Trim your trees

Prune young trees so they can focus on developing their core strength rather than on their branches. Trim larger trees that may be close to power lines. Remember YOU are responsible for trimming trees not the City or ComEd. Help prevent power outages by trimming your trees!

Want to help support the reforestation effort in Evanston? Each donation helps replant trees that have predominately been wiped out from the Emerald Ash Borer. Just click here to donate now!

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