What tree should be planted at the Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center in honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day?

Vote for your favorite tree! The top vote-getter will be “treevealed” and planted at Evanston’s Earth Day and Arbor Day Celebration at the Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center, 1655 Foster St., on Sat., April 26 at 11:30 a.m.

All four trees have been evaluated by City Forestry staff and deemed suitable for planting at the site. Read each tree’s case for why it should be Evanston’s 2014 Honorary Earth Day and Arbor Day tree below, and vote for your favorite!

American HornbeamAmerican Hornbeam Carpinus Caroliniana I would love for you to make me the 2014 Honorary Earth Day and Arbor Day Tree. I don’t grow very tall only 35 ft but I am beautiful! My green branches spread wide, forming a round globe-like shape, and I do a wonderful job of filling out the forest by growing in the shade of the larger, more imposing trees. When I get bigger, my branches will look like they have grown muscles, which is why my nickname is Musclewood. If you vote for me, I’ll provide screening and privacy, and bring the peacefulness of the wilderness to your neighborhood!

Cornelian Cherry Dogwood Cornelian Cherry Dogwood Cornus mas I am the perfect tree to help you celebrate Earth Day! At 25 ft tall, I am a little shorter than the others, but I have my own strengths. Each year as spring begins, I’ll be the first to bloom with beautiful yellow flowers to remind you what a magical place our amazing planet is. If you vote for me, I’ll help make your neighborhood the prettiest one in town!
GEastern Hop Hornbeamingko Gingko Biloba When you think of Earth Day, think of me! Scientists have found fossils of my leaves that date to prehistoric times, making me the oldest tree in the world. I am the tallest of the choices, growing to over 100 feet. I resist pests, and I love hot summers and cold winters. My branches spread wide, providing lots of shade. I keep them up high so there is clear space underneath for you to rest or play. And in the fall, my leaves turn a lovely shade of golden yellow. Who doesn’t love beautiful autumn colors? Vote for me, and my majestic beauty will tower over your neighborhood!

GingkoEastern Hop Hornbeam Ostrya virginiana I’m the tree that is just right for Earth Day! I am a middle-sized tree, growing to 40 ft tall, so I will fit perfectly into your city space. I am a native of Illinois (in fact, I grow all over North America), so you know I will do well in this climate. My wood is so hard and strong, that some people call me an ironwood tree! My flowers resemble those of hop vines, which is where I get my name. Vote for me, and my quiet strength will bring beauty to your neighborhood for years to come.

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