Bicycle Benefits Program Gaining Momentum

Bicycle Benefits, a program that encourages biking, helmet use, and supports local businesses, is gaining momentum in Evanston.  Bikers may join the program by purchasing a small sticker for 5 dollars (see photo).  Bikers then receive discounts at all stores who are members of Bicycle Benefits, by showing the sticker on their helmet.  Over 60 cities across the U.S. have active programs, with over 1,000 business members so far.

Hewn Bread on 810 Dempster became Evanston’s (and Illinois’) first member of Bicycle Benefits on July 17th.  Since then, two other Evanston businesses have joined Bicycle Benefits-  Sketchbook Brewing Company on 825 Chicago Avenue (opening in September), and The Wine Goddess, on 702 Main Street.

Hewn and Sketchbook offer 10% off to bikers who show their sticker; The Wine Goddess offers 10% off all retail items.

Stickers can be purchased at Hewn and The Wine Goddess, and will be available from Sketchbook Brewery once they open.

The City of Evanston will also be selling stickers this weekend at the Lakeshore Arts Festival.

For More information on Bicycle Benefits, see:


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