Edible Evanston’s New Gardening Program

Image from Edible Evanston

Image from Edible Evanston

If you are an Evanstonian who has thought about having your own garden, but do not know how to take the first step, Edible Evanston wants to help you grow that “green thumb.”

Edible Evanston, an organization that focuses on nutrition, growing food and composting education in the Evanston community, is launching this year’s Raising New Gardens program. Through this program, Edible Evanston plans to help 20 families and organizations build new gardens in the next year.

The Raising New Gardens program will provide materials for two raised beds, soil, and some initial plants and seeds for each of their participants.

Participants will also learn the skills they need to grow a garden through workshops, a manual for educational training and a personalized garden mentor.

Application Details: Applications for the group of gardeners for spring/summer of this year are due by February 1 for Spring 2016 gardens. Low-income families are encouraged to apply.

Costs: $25 to $300, depending on need and selections. Typical materials costs are $150. Limited financial assistance is available thanks to a generous grant from the Evanston Community Foundation.

Important Dates: Selected participants must attend a February 27, 2016 orientation meeting. Gardens will be installed in March and April.

Learn more and apply at http://EdibleEvanston.org

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