Hewn Bakery: The Beginning of Bicycle Benefits in Illinois


On Thursday, July 17th Hewn Bakery, located at 810 Dempster Street in Evanston, became the first business in Illinois to join Bicycle Benefits.

Bicycle Benefits is a growing organization that strives to get people to bike more often! They sell small, $5 stickers that should be placed on riders’ helmets. When taken to participating local stores, discounts will be granted. Some existing discounts being 20% off your dinner bill, free beverages, half-priced items, etc.

There are stores all across the nation that are participating with Bicycle Benefits and offering discounts. Although Hewn Bakery is currently the only participating business in Illinois, the program is spreading quickly as other businesses in Evanston and Chicago become interested in joining.

Be one of the first users to take advantage of Bicycle Benefits in Evanston! Head to Hewn Bakery, pick up a $5 sticker, slap it on your helmet, and get ready to score great deals and save money. Hewn Bakery is offering a 10% discount for those who show their Bicycle Benefits helmet sticker.

If you or anyone you know is looking to attract bikers and customers to your shop, consider becoming a partner with Bicycle Benefits. With a small, initial $25 purchase, you will receive all the materials you need, as well as stickers to sell to customers. For more information, contact Jack at jackchanson@gmail.com


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