Opportunities – Evanston Environment Board

The City of Evanston has over 30 public boards and commissions that have been established by the City Council and Mayor over the past years and decades. The Evanston Environment Board is just one of those boards and it currently has openings and is looking for additional members.

The Evanston Environment Board is active in many areas and has, in recent years, been a champion and advocate for numerous policies that have helped Evanston continue to become a more livable city. In 2010, the Board championed the creation and passage of the Green Building Ordinance, the ordinance was developed ” to improve energy efficiency, reduce the use of materials that aren’t sustainably produced, as well as lessen the environmental impact of new construction, additions, and interior renovation projects.”

In 2014, the Board endorsed and provided assistance in the development and passage of the Disposable Plastic Shopping Bag Ordinance. This ordinance, which took effect August 1st, 2015 prohibits large Evanston retailers from distributing disposable shopping to customers at the point of sale. This fall the Environment Board has teamed up with Citizens’ Greener Evanston and the City of Evanston Utilities Commission to help in the development of a building benchmarking ordinance.

Throughout 2015 the Board has also created a subcommittee to work on developing an environmental justice policy for the City. The subcommittee has been working with community members to craft a policy for review that will provide guidance to City staff and departments as they make decisions about infrastructure, planning, zoning and other decisions to ensure that all areas of the Evanston community receive equal access to public amenities.

If you are interested in any of these areas, or the many others that the Board reviews and takes action on, then please apply. This Board and others rely on community volunteers to review and provide direction on City programs and policy. We hope that you will consider volunteering for a seat on the Board, it meets once a month on Thursday evenings at the Morton Civic Center, additional details can be found here.

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