Public Transit Poll Preliminary Results

Since its launch in July, the Evanston Public Transit Poll has given city staff and officials a good feel for how Evanstonians want to use public transit, as well as how they would like to change it. It’s no surprise that the survey respondents indicate personal car as the most prevalent mode of transportation in Evanston (45%). But the good news is that walking is listed by about 25% of survey respondents; validating Evanston’s “walkability” factor. When Evanston adopted the Livability Plan “walkability” is listed as a mechanism to capture a much larger share of the trips by residents.

Less than 10% of the respondents indicate bus as a regular form of travel. When we follow-up with a question about an intra-city bus option the results are informative almost half (47%) percent are supportive of an intra-city bus. When asked where they’d like this type of bus service to go the two most frequent responses were to and from downtown Evanston and the Central Business District.

Even more telling were respondents additional thoughts and comments on transit in Evanston. The most frequent comment was related to the existing and limited bus service in Evanston. Some respondents mentioned that buses should run longer and more often on the weekend. Others mentioned that Food-for-Less needs a service route and some would like to see express bus routes from Howard to O’Hare and Midway. What do you think? There is still time to offer your thoughts and input, take the 5-question survey here:

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